Android based attendance system.



Android based attendance system.

iAttendance is an NFC enabled Android device based attendance system. You do not need any special hardware, instead just an NFC capable Android phone or tablet.

All employees need to do is tap the Android device with their NFC enabled employee card and attendance is marked. You can also drop message for other employees so that when an employee marks his/her attendance, the dropped message is displayed on the screen. The system can also greet employees on their birthdays and anniversaries.




What our clients say

We engaged services of Cyberjee System on various projects during the last 4 years. Most of the projects were complex in nature, and required delivery within very tight timelines. The team at Sulata has handled all our requirements very professionally and has never been hesitant to go the extra mile in pursuit of perfection and customer satisfaction.

That is the reason we turn to Sulata whenever we are confronted with a challenging IT requirement.

Usman Aziz, HFA Healthcare Products Limited, UK




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